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Diagnosed with hypertension at age 9, I’ve had a lifetime of battling it. I had five strokes before I was introduced to Dr. John Hergenrother. With no hope I had anything except more strokes in my future, I told him and his assistant Kim, my expectations for success did not exist. I was simply waiting until another stroke debilitated me or killed me.

Kim’s response was: “We’ll see about that.”

She was right. With Dr. Hergenrother’s care, my blood pressure is lower. Best of all, I have advisors who can respond with solutions whenever issues have occured, and of course they have.

But no strokes in the thirteen years I’ve been their patient.

Needless to say, yet I will say it. I cannot express how grateful I am that I have been able to enjoy my grandchildren, continue driving them home from school and maintain a household. None of this would have been mine without Dr. Hergenrother and Kim’s expertise.

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