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How to Travel While on Dialysis

When most people think about dialysis, they imagine a person hooked up to a machine in a hospital setting.

When most people think about dialysis, they imagine a person hooked up to a machine in a hospital setting. However, being on dialysis doesn’t mean you have to stay close to your dialysis. Those who need dialysis can still enjoy traveling and seeing loved ones. While traveling on dialysis may be tricky, it’s not impossible. There are many ways to make sure your travels go smoothly. So don’t let your kidney function get in the way of exploring all the world has to offer – there are ways to travel while on dialysis.

Is it Safe to Travel While on Dialysis?

If you receive dialysis, you should always consult with your physician before planning to travel. However, according to the National Kidney Foundation, “most patients who receive dialysis or have had a kidney transplant can travel safely and continue their treatment while away from home.” 

Options for Traveling on Dialysis

One option for traveling on dialysis is to use a home dialysis unit. A home dialysis unit is a small, portable dialysis machine that can be used in a hotel room or even on an airplane. Home dialysis units allow you to have more control over your dialysis treatments and may make traveling easier.

If you choose to travel with your dialysis unit, you should still be aware of the closest dialysis center on your tip in case you need assistance. 

Another option for traveling on dialysis is to use a dialysis center in the area you’re visiting. This may require some research ahead of time but can save you from having to lug a dialysis machine with you on your trip. Many dialysis centers have staff who are familiar with travelers and will assist you in ensuring your dialysis treatments go smoothly. In order to receive treatments at a dialysis center while you’re traveling, the center will likely need the following information:

  • Your dialysis access type
  • Recent dialysis treatment records
  • Your dialysis prescription
  • The dates and times you’ll need dialysis treatments
  • Your insurance information
  • A list of any medications you take during dialysis
  • Recent lab results

How to Prepare for Traveling on Dialysis

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there are a few things you should do to prepare for your trip. First, you should check with your dialysis center or home dialysis unit supplier to confirm you have all the supplies you need for your trip.

If you are traveling with your dialysis machine, make sure it is in good working order. Most dialysis equipment will have toll-free numbers you can call for 24/7 assistance. Keep these numbers with you at all times. 

Remember to pack a copy of your medical records and have your doctor’s contact information readily available. Maintaining an appropriate diet is also important when traveling on dialysis. Therefore, you may want to pack healthy snacks and meals for your travel.

Lastly, if you choose to use a dialysis center in your destination city, be sure to call in advance and let them know when you will be arriving. 

Things to Consider When Traveling on Dialysis

While traveling can be fun, it may be quite demanding. As a result, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. This is especially true if you are traveling on dialysis. Be sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Moreover, it is imperative to stick to a strict dialysis schedule while on the road. That means dialyzing as often as you normally would and following your usual diet. Missing dialysis treatments can be dangerous and even life-threatening. That being said, including time for treatments in your travel plans is essential. If you have any questions or concerns about traveling on dialysis, talk to your doctor. They can help you make a plan to ensure your travels go as seamlessly as possible.

What to Do if You Have an Emergency While Traveling

With the right equipment and guidance, traveling on dialysis is possible and can even be enjoyable. However, it’s crucial to be prepared for anything. That means knowing what to do in an emergency. If you are using a home dialysis machine, it is vital to pack all the supplies you need. 

Having the contact information of a nearby dialysis center is also necessary. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly. A dialysis center can assist you in getting the supplies and treatments you need. As mentioned before, it’s also a good idea to have your doctor’s contact information and other emergency contacts with you while you travel. That way, if you have any questions or problems, you can easily get in touch with someone who can help.

Traveling with Peritoneal Dialysis

Patients on peritoneal dialysis may have an easier time traveling because they are not dependent on dialysis units. However, it is still important that you plan ahead before your trip. Make sure you contact your doctor and a dialysis center in your destination city and make sure they can accommodate you in case a problem arises. 

Visit The Kidney and Hypertension Center Before You Travel

The best way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip is to plan ahead. At the Kidney and Hypertension Center, we can help you make a plan for your dialysis treatments during your travels. Start planning your next trip and book an appointment with the Kidney and Hypertension Center today.

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